12 Days of @Madtini Holiday Cocktails – Part 2


7. Gingerbread Man

Kahula, Bailey’s Irish cream, & Cinnamon Schnapps layer into a very pretty shooter.

8. Baked Apple

Goldschlager & apple juice combine for a light, golden treat.

9. Caramilk

Creme de Cacao, Banana Liqueur, and Bailey’s Irish cream layer into this decadent shooter.

10. Kahlua Nog

Simple Kahlua with a layer of Eggnog floating on top.

11. Frosty Nutcracker

Irish Cream, Chocolate, Banana, Eggnog, it’s a medley of holiday flavours.

12. White Out

Vodka, Creme de Cacao & cream combine into a little bit of white chocolate heaven…


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