5 Drink Links - May 26This week’s drink links include Jimmy Fallon enjoying a manly cocktail, the world’s fastest bartender, the art of aging cocktails in a barrel, maple-inspired cocktails from Maine, and the best shows to raise a drink to.

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1 / Jimmy Fallon Meet Your Monkey Gland
On Thursday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow visited the Jimmy Fallon show to talk about recent news stories. Before leaving she mixed up a manly Monkey Gland cocktail for Jimmy.

2 / Need a Drink in a Hurry?
New York bartender, Sheldon Wiley earned the title of Fastest Bartender in the World making 1, 043 drinks in one hour. He was not allowed to make the dame drink twice and had to use at least four ingredients.

3 / Aging Cocktails in a Barrel
The latest trend in making old-style cocktails is making them even older. Cocktail enthusiasts have begun aging their cocktails in wooden barrels just like wines and whiskey have always been done.

4 / Maine Maple Mixology
Spring has arrived and the sap is running in the maple woods of Maine. So, it’s a perfect time to try a few maple-inspired cocktails.

5 / Raise a glass to TV’s top shows to drink to
From the Amazing Race to Jersey Shore, from Mad Men to True Blood, here are ideas on how to combine cocktails with your small-screen viewing fun.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.