A Visit with El Presidente!

Bacardi El Presidente Cocktail

Bacardi El Presidente Cocktail

This week we decided it was time to find a rum based cocktail. We found this recipe for the El Presidente cocktail on the Bacardi Rum website.

While doing some research on the El Presidente we discovered several variations – some included pomegrante juice, pineapple juice or grenadine but since we were planning to use Bacardi Gold rum we figured we’d go with the Bacardi version of El President. It’s a simple cocktail with a gorgeous amber colour and just a hint of vanilla from the Bacardi Gold.

Bacardi Gold El Presidente

2 parts Bacardi Gold rum

1 part dry Vermouth

garnish with a cherry

If you use Bacardi white rum in place of the Gold and garnish with an olive instead of the cherry you’ll have a Bacardi Rum Martini according to the Bacardi site.  Bottoms up!


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