Madtini Love Potions - Satin Sheets Cocktail 

Satin Sheets Cocktail is the first of the Valentine’s Day cocktails we’ve mixed up here at Madtini World Headquarters to celebrate not only Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to love, but also it’s the first of our featured Valentine’s Day cocktails from Madtini’s new book Love Potions: 50 Cupid Approved Cocktails For Valentine’s Day now available at Amazon.

Satin Sheets is in the chapter “On Cloud 9” from Love Potions – a chapter devoted to creamy, dreamy romantic cocktails. With a mixture of Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream, Godiva Chocolate liqueur and milk served over ice – this chocolately cocktail is rich and delicious but is surprisingly not as sweet and heavy as you’d imagine.

Love Potions: 50 Cupid Approved Cocktail Recipes for Valentine's Day


Glass: Old Fashioned Glass
1 oz/30 ml Kahlua
1 oz/30 ml Baileys Irish Cream
1 oz/30 ml Godiva Chocolate liqueur
3 oz/90 ml Milk
Mix Kahlua, Baileys and chocolate liqueurs into an ice filled old fashioned glass. Add milk to fill the glass. Garnish with shaved chocolate.