Madtini Night Out at the Toronto Drinks Show

Toronto Drinks Show 2010

Toronto Drinks Show 2010

Tonight,  Madtini spent the evening at Polson Pier sampling drinks with hundreds of other cocktail enthusiasts at the 2010 Toronto Drinks Show.

Over 40 brands of spirits and liqeuers were featured at the show, as some of Toronto’s best mixologists created mini samples for the enthusiastic crowd.

One of the longest lineups all night was at the Three Olives station where they showcased their Root Beer and Bubble Gum flavoured vodkas. Dove brought their Dusk Chocolate and featured it sprinkled on top of the Dusk Martini, a  mix of vodka and creme de cacao mix. Prairie Organic Vodka was used in a delicious Prairie Raspberry. Another popular station was Jose Cuervo Tequila where the mixologist worked up  dozens of Cuervo Golden Margaritas, with Grand Marnier and lime juice. Beefeater featured a fresh-tasting Beefeater Tom Collins with torn and muddled coriander leaves that made my night.

We’re looking forward to trying a few of these cocktails in the upcoming weeks. Cheers and happy mixing.


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