The Tijuana Caesar

The Tijuana Caesar

Happy 143rd birthday Canada, you don’t look a day over… hmmm… 129??

There’s little doubt that the Caesar is Canada’s National cocktail.  If you’ve been keeping your eye on the Mott’s Facebook Page over the past month or so, you’ll know that there are hundreds of Caesar lovers from across the country that have been expressing their enthusiasm for this scrumptious drink.

We took our love of the Caesar south of the border, thanks to a recipe we found in the LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine. The Tijuana Caesar kicks the concept of the Caesar up a notch or two with a couple of dashes of Chipotle sauce a jalapeno pepper and of course using the Extra Spicy edition of Mott’s Clamato.


  • 1 1/2 oz gold tequila
  • 1 tsp worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 tsp chipotle chili sauce
  • 1/4 lime
  • 3 oz spicy clamato
  • garnish jalapeno chili pepper
  • cajun seasoning

Preparation Rim a martini glass with fresh lime and cajun seasoning. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the tequila, worcestershire sauce, chipotle sace, juice of 1/4 of a lime and 3 oz of extra spicy Mott’s Clamato. Stir to mic and garnish with a jalapeno pepper.

Cheers and happy Canada Day, let the fireworks begin!