New Moon Cocktail

New Moon Cocktail

New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight movie series, hit the theatres this weekend and ousted The Dark Knight for single day domestic box office record with $72.7 million – the Friday haul for the Twilight sequel includes a record $26.3 million from midnight screenings alone!

Apparently vampires and werewolfs in love with teenage girls is big box office these days.

Here at Madtini World Headquarters we’re fans of the HBO tv series True Blood and we willingly admit to watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer a time or two and reading some Anne Rice and even some Laurell K. Hamilton novels.

But the thing with the Buffy series and the True Blood series as well as the Rice & Hamilton novels is that the “human” love interest of the vampires isĀ  never just merely human. Buffy was the Slayer. Sookie Stackhouse can hear thoughts and communicate telepathically (and I’m guessing there’s more of Sookie’s powers to discover).

In the Rice novels most of the novels were just about the vampires but even when Mona Mayfair (a powerful “witch”) fell in love with newly made vampire Quinn Blackwood it wasn’t long until she became a vampire too.

In the Twilight series, teenage Bella is the love interest of 100+ year old Edward and new werewolf Jacob. While I can understand what Bella and Jacob have in common, being approximately the same age, I cannot even fathom what a vampire, who has been 17 for 100 years, would have in common with a girl like Bella.

So – as a matter of practicality, I’m placing #teamMadtini firmly in the #teamJacob camp. And in celebration of the first weekend box office success of New Moon (which we have not seen) we give you the New Moon Cocktail. Gin, Triple Sec, lime and tonic – it’ll make you howl at the moon…

New Moon Cocktail

3 parts Gin
3 parts Triple Sec
1 part lime juice
4 parts tonic water

Combine all ingredients and stir. Serve over ice in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with wedge of lime.