The Wild Rumpus Cocktail

The Wild Rumpus Cocktail

Having gone to see Where The Wild Things Are on Friday, @randymatheson and I decided to create a “Wild Rumpus Cocktail” tonight for week #10 of Mad Men.

Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are” was first published in 1963 – the current year on the Mad Men series. Can you imagine what sorts of ideas that book would put into Miss Sally Draper’s overactive imagination? Or perhaps Bobby Draper would be inspired to become a real character and not Sally’s shadow.

So what then would one put into a cocktail called the Wild Rumpus? We figured rum had to be in a Wild Rumpus so white rum is the base. And when considering that the Wild Things themselves seem to be a little of this and a little of that … what with mixing horns and feathers and scales and fur… we figured we’d just toss a little of this and a little of that into a cocktail shaker and see what happened. After all… a wild rumpus has no limits… it has no agenda… it’s just a rumpus feeling the joy of being a rumpus…

So… here we go… The Wild Rumpus:

2 parts white rum

2 parts blue curacao

2 parts cranberry juice

a dash of lime juice

Violently toss all of the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Violently shake it, toss it, dance around and howl like a Wild Thing. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lime.

We love the crazy purply colour this turned out to have. And to quote Max… Let the Wild Rumpus begin!