After week 6 of Mad Men I think we all needed to settle back in our leather loungers and have a nice smooth drink – there’s nothing more tragic than an adman losing a foot to a lawnmower at an office party. But as Roger Sterling summed it up ”somewhere in this business this has happened” .

Remember Madtini readers – always play it safe, don’t drink and drive… especially in the office.

So we’re moving forward to Week 7 with feet in tact – but we need a suggestion. We have Rum, we have Vodka – and we’re ready to head out for a shopping trip.

So, help us – what is your favorite cocktail that uses Rum or Vodka – we’ll reveal our choice around noon on Sunday, then head out to get what we need. We’re still looking for Patio cola BTW.

Cheers and bottoms up from Madtini World Headquarters