Week 7 – What’s your favorite Rum or Vodka cocktail?

After week 6 of Mad Men I think we all needed to settle back in our leather loungers and have a nice smooth drink – there’s nothing more tragic than an adman losing a foot to a lawnmower at an office party. But as Roger Sterling summed it up ”somewhere in this business this has happened” .

Remember Madtini readers – always play it safe, don’t drink and drive… especially in the office.

So we’re moving forward to Week 7 with feet in tact – but we need a suggestion. We have Rum, we have Vodka – and we’re ready to head out for a shopping trip.

So, help us – what is your favorite cocktail that uses Rum or Vodka – we’ll reveal our choice around noon on Sunday, then head out to get what we need. We’re still looking for Patio cola BTW.

Cheers and bottoms up from Madtini World Headquarters


  1. says

    OOH! Without exception … UNEQUIVOCALLY … hands-down, it’s gotta be the Dark & Stormy. Dark rum (preferably Gosling’s Black Seal), ginger beer (something really good & spicy) and lime. That’s it. No fuss, no muss. Just delicious goodness.

  2. Randy says

    Wowzers, that sounds delicious AND we are expecting some stormy, rainy weather – that’s going into the ‘WANT’ column. Thanks for taking a few minutes to comment. Cheers!

  3. Merlene says

    @Melissa – that sounds awesome! How have I not heard of that one before. I love dark rum, ginger beer and lime so this just might turn out to be my new favourite cocktail :)

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