Welcome to Madtini

In anticipation of the premiere of Season 3 of Mad Men we decided a virtual martini party on twitter would be a gas.

We first went over to MadMenYourself.com to get properly dressed in Mad Men-esque 60’s style. Then we thought #madtini would be a good hashtag.

Of course, being who we are, @randymatheson and I couldn’t just leave it with a hashtag – oh no – we had to turn it a bit of a hobby. We’ve created a @madtini twitter account and then decided we might as well buy the domain Madtini.com.

So here you have it – Madtini.com – the virtual Mad Men martini party. Every week during season 3 of Mad Men you’ll find us here and on twitter talking about the martinis, cocktails, and 1960’s livin’.

You won’t find a recap of the episodes here – we’re far too lazy for that – but what you will find is some comments on the drinks, along with some recipes, and some lively cocktail conversation each week.

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