Five Drink LinksThis week’s drink links include a look at the best hotel bars in the world, a series of street-art inspired cocktails in Miami, yet another Charlie Sheen inspired drink, a slot machine that’s been built to make drinks and an article on the meat-infused cocktail trend.

Cheers to next time.

1 / 15 Awesome hotels bars
From Bangkok to Anthens, from London to New York City, CNNGo looks at 15 of the world’s best hotel bars and what you should drink if you happen to be lucky enough to be there.

2 / Street Art Inspired Cocktails
The Wynwood Kitchen & Bar in Miami, FL features  a collection of delicious looking cocktails inspired by the street artists who created the murals throughout the restaurant.

3 / Slot machine that makes drinks
The folks at Brooklyn-based Hakerspace have created slot machine that can make drinks inspired by the movie ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas‘.

4 / Drinking Tiger Blood
Bartenders across the country must have a lot of time on their hands as they continue to be inspired to produce new cocktails like this one, the Tiger Blood Transfusion, based on Charlie Sheen.

5 / Meat the New Cocktails
From hobbyists to mixologists and even distilleries are joining in on the fun to produce spirits and cocktails infused with everything from bacon to foie gras to smoked salmon to even cheeseburgers.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.