The Meatini? We think not!

The Meatini? We think not!

So far @randymatheson and I have made the Classic Martini and the Manhattan but we decided this time we’d let you vote on what cocktail would be the Official #Madtini Cocktail for Episode 3 of Mad Men (Season 3).

While that Meatini over there looks – interesting – I think we’ll stick with more traditional (not to mention liquidy) libations. So what shall it be? The Sweet Martini? The Black Martini? The Tom Collins? or the Bee’s Knees? Or maybe you have another suggestion for us?

Voting is open until 3:30pm Sunday, August 30th which will allow us enough time to go find any ingredients we might be missing.


If you vote for “Other” please tell us what you suggest in the comments – we’re having some technically difficulties with the poll app 🙂