Beefeater Collins with Coriander Leaves

Beefeater Collins

Two weeks ago, Madtini attended the Toronto Drinks Show, one of the freshest drink, a Beefeater Collins, came from the mixologists at the Beefeater booth. A typical Tom Collins, made with Beefeater 24 Gin and freshened up with a handful or torn coriander leaves. Beefeater is distilled from the neutral spirits with juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peels, angelica, liquorice, almond and orris root. So, pumping up the coriander is only going to enhance the flavours and bring even more freshness to the drink.

And yes I was curious to the origin of the term Beefeater too. The name is likely to come from the ration of beef (as well as veal and mutton) that were provided to the Yoeman Wardens, the guards of the British Royal Palace and the Tower of London. Sounds rational enough, so we’ll go with that.

The Beefeater Collins is a perfect drink for relaxing in a shady spot on the back porch or balcony and figuring out what the clouds overhead look like. There’s an elephant, a unicorn and hmmm… that one looks like Abe Vigoda. (and yes, he’s still alive)


  • 2 oz Beefeater 24 Gin
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • Club Soda
  • Fresh Coriander

Tear up a handful of fresh coriander leaves and drop into bottom of glass. Fill up the glass with ice, add Gin and lemon juice. Top with Club Soda and a few wedges of lemon.

Cheers and have a great sunny, happy, lazy Saturday from Madtini!