5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

  1. Satan’s Whiskers, Brimstone Kiss, and More: Eight Drinks to Toast Armageddon
  2. Oprah Winfrey’s finale party cocktails: Party like it’s your last episode
  3. Past Bar Stars cast their votes for the cocktail that should be banished from all bars
  4. Prepare for the Preakness with its signature drink
  5. Jack Daniel’s Updates Old NO. 7 Bottle and Label

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5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

5 Drink Links - May 26This week’s drink links include Jimmy Fallon enjoying a manly cocktail, the world’s fastest bartender, the art of aging cocktails in a barrel, maple-inspired cocktails from Maine, and the best shows to raise a drink to.

Cheers until next time.

1 / Jimmy Fallon Meet Your Monkey Gland
On Thursday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow visited the Jimmy Fallon show to talk about recent news stories. Before leaving she mixed up a manly Monkey Gland cocktail for Jimmy.

2 / Need a Drink in a Hurry?
New York bartender, Sheldon Wiley earned the title of Fastest Bartender in the World making 1, 043 drinks in one hour. He was not allowed to make the dame drink twice and had to use at least four ingredients.

3 / Aging Cocktails in a Barrel
The latest trend in making old-style cocktails is making them even older. Cocktail enthusiasts have begun aging their cocktails in wooden barrels just like wines and whiskey have always been done.

4 / Maine Maple Mixology
Spring has arrived and the sap is running in the maple woods of Maine. So, it’s a perfect time to try a few maple-inspired cocktails.

5 / Raise a glass to TV’s top shows to drink to
From the Amazing Race to Jersey Shore, from Mad Men to True Blood, here are ideas on how to combine cocktails with your small-screen viewing fun.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.

5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

5 Drink Links - March 19This week’s drink links include a look at the Top 10 Cocktails in Toronto, Buffalo Trace’s quest for the perfect bourbon, Irish Whiskey drinks, a fun jelly shot recipes for St. Patrick’s Day and the winner of the Cocktail World Cup.

Cheers until next time.

1 / The 10 Best Cocktails in Toronto
NOW Weekly searched the cities best bars to find http://www.nowtoronto.com/food/story.cfm?content=179442“>Toronto’s tastiest mixes. From the Log Cabin at The Comrade to The Mad Man at Bar Chef, here are the best cocktails in Toronto, and the bartenders behind them.

2 / The Quest for the Perfect Bourbon
The folks at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankford, KY aren’t just sitting back on their laurels. For the past 20 years they have been working on Project Holy Grail, in a quest to unearth the variables in whiskey making and chemical makeup to produce the “perfect” whiskey.

3 / Toasting St. Patrick with Irish Whiskeys
You don’t have to limit yourself to green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. This Globe & Mail story features several cocktails featuring Irish Whiskey picked from the Complete Home Bartender’s Guide, a staple of the Madtini cocktail book library.

4 / Lucky-tini Jelly Shot
What could be more fun that a delicious green cocktail this St. Patrick’s Day? How about that same cocktail as a Jelly Shot? Jellyshot Test Kitchen is serving up a recipe for a Lucky-tini Jelly Shot using vodka and Midori watermelon liqueur.

5 / Italians Wins Cocktail World Cup
Team Italy bested six other crews of bartenders to take the title at the 42BELOW Cocktail Word Cup last weekend in Queenstown, New Zealand. Their drink the Elixir of Love, a mix of pineapple, lavender vodka, limoncello, raspberry liqueur and Fernet Branca helped them win the finale and the title.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.

5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

Five Drink LinksThis week’s drink links include a look at the best hotel bars in the world, a series of street-art inspired cocktails in Miami, yet another Charlie Sheen inspired drink, a slot machine that’s been built to make drinks and an article on the meat-infused cocktail trend.

Cheers to next time.

1 / 15 Awesome hotels bars
From Bangkok to Anthens, from London to New York City, CNNGo looks at 15 of the world’s best hotel bars and what you should drink if you happen to be lucky enough to be there.

2 / Street Art Inspired Cocktails
The Wynwood Kitchen & Bar in Miami, FL features  a collection of delicious looking cocktails inspired by the street artists who created the murals throughout the restaurant.

3 / Slot machine that makes drinks
The folks at Brooklyn-based Hakerspace have created slot machine that can make drinks inspired by the movie ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas‘.

4 / Drinking Tiger Blood
Bartenders across the country must have a lot of time on their hands as they continue to be inspired to produce new cocktails like this one, the Tiger Blood Transfusion, based on Charlie Sheen.

5 / Meat the New Cocktails
From hobbyists to mixologists and even distilleries are joining in on the fun to produce spirits and cocktails infused with everything from bacon to foie gras to smoked salmon to even cheeseburgers.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.

5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

5 Drink Links for March 5This week’s drink links include instructions on how to create two legendary cocktails; the Sazerac and Absinthe. You’ll also find a great set of coasters that look like warehouse pallettes, a transatlantic search for the best martini and a drink inspired by the latest ramblings of Charlie Sheen. Cheers til next time.

1 / The Sazerac, the Original New Orleans Cocktail
It’s been said that the word ‘cocktail’ originated in New Orleans in the early 19th century, and the official cocktail of New Orleans is the Sazerac. Learn how to make the Sazerac cocktail just in time for Mardi Gras.

2 / Drink Coasters fit for any Warehouse
Labryinth Design Studios in Barcelona, Spain has sets of very cool palette-styled drink coasters for sale on their site. They come in packages of 5 for €14,90.

3 / Stirred not Shaken
Graham Boynton, Travel Editor of Telegraph Media Group goes on a transatlantic bar crawl in search of the perfect martini with leading barmen and mixologists in London and New York.

4 / How to Make an Absinthe Cocktail
Match 5 is National Absinthe Day in the united States. Learn how to make the legendary cocktail favored by Hemingway, Van Gogh and Degas.

5 / I got Tiger Blood, Man!
The real-life Charlie Sheen show continued this week with some great quotes ever including this one “I have a different constitution, I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man.” In response TY KU has come up with the TY-ger Blood, a tweaking of the Bloody Mary using Sake instead of Vodka.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.

5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

Drink Links for February 26This week’s drink links include 20 weird ways to use vodka around the house, instructions to make frozen Margarita pops, a guide to daytime drinking in New Orleans, a look back and forward about Tiki cocktail culture and a look at fuve of the best cocktail bars in Paris. Cheers til next time.

Vodka as a Household Cleaner
According to this post vodka can kill mold and mildew, keep away bees or wasps, prolong the life of razors or be added to your shampoo. We still prefer to use it for a vodka martini and ignore the mildew, bees and dull razors.

The Lowdown on Tiki
Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry, author of 5 books on Tiki cocktails and cuisine shares his thoughts on the history and current state of Tiki cocktail culture.

Margarita on a Stick
It may be the middle of winter here, but we’re still filing these instructions to make these delicious looking Margarita Pops for when the weather warms up.

Daytime Drinking in New Orleans
Lick the Screen on CNN’s Eatocracy blog takes us along on a daytime drinking tour of signature New Orleans cocktails, including a Brandy Milk Punch, the Corpse Reviver and more.

The Best of Paris Cocktails
Wine may still be the preferred drink of choice for Parisians, but Bonjour Paris has a great article on five of the best places to find examples of Paris’s new wave of cocktail experimentation.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.

5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

5 Drink Links - Feb 19, 2001This week we have links to movie-inspired cocktails as we wait for the Oscar parties to begin. But one can’t live by cocktail alone, check out the links to chocolate and beer covered marshmallows from Chicago and tequila spiked cupcake cocktails from Brooklyn.

1 / And the Winner Is…

The Academy Awards are coming up next weekend, so there’s plenty of time left to gather together the ingredients to make one of these great Oscar Worthy Cocktails. Our money is on the Social Network. Which reminds me, have you liked our Facebook page yet?

2 / Movie Inspired Cocktails from Grey Goose

The King’s Speech took Best Film, but Grey Goose vodka was the star at the British Academy of Film & Television Arts awards after party. You can download the full list of the cocktails inspired by the 6 finalists at the Grey Goose website (make sure you go to the UK site).

3 / Where Kahlua is born. From bean to bottle.

NotCot has a fascinating 3-part photo series as they learn about the 7-year process of taking the coffee beans from the field to the bottle that we bring home from the store. Part I / Part II / Part III

4 / Chocolate covered marshmallows with Pretzel & Beer brittle. Yes, please

A hat trick (hockey reference) of awesomeness as Chicago chocolatier Truffle Truflle have brought together chocolate, beer and marshmallows in one delicious treat. Not in Chicago? You can order online.

5 / Cheers to the Caketails

Robicelli’s Cupcakes in Brooklyn is rolling out their latest cocktail cupcakes in honor of National Margarita Day on Feb 22. Just the description of their Partida Margarito and Angry Mango cupcakes has the Madtini staff wanting to run for the border.

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5 image in collage by Leo Reynolds used under CC license.

5 Essential Drink Links You May Missed This Week

5 Drink Links - February 12Bieber, chocolate, diamonds and champagne… these are a few of our favorite things. OK yes Madtini readers, I may be stretching it a bit on the whole Bieber thing. But as proud Canadians here at Madtini, we so swell-up a bit with National pride at every TMZ or ET mention of our cutest export. And now, suppressing our schoolgirl squeals, here’s our weekly collection of 5 Essential Drink Links you may have missed this week.

Quench your Bieber Fever with a (virgin) cocktail

Just in time for Grammy night, Nate Wiger, resident mixologist at Hollywood hotspot Drai’s has come up with the Biebertini, a virgin cocktail inspired by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber.

The $22,ooo Cocktail. Now that’s a garnish!

If you’re into splurging on that special someone this Valentine’s Day, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo has the ultimate splurge, the US $22,000 Ritz Diamond Martini, complete with a one-carat diamond. Oh, it also has Grey Goose vodka with a hint of lime.

Kick off your Valentine’s Day celebration with a Champagne Cocktail

The Wall Street Journal has a list of 3 classic (yet simple-to-prepare) champagne cocktails you can throw together to impress your loved one.

Did somebody say chocolate?

Whether you’re looking for a special chocolate treat for that special someone on Valentine’s Day or just something to enjoy on your own on a Saturday night, BlogTO has a list of the best destinations for Toronto Chocoholics.

One year later, celebrating the Vancouver Olympic cocktails

To celebrate the anniversary of the Games, Yew Restaurant + Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel is showcasing the three signature cocktails that bartender Justin Taylor and his team produced during the Vancouver Olympics. Each cocktail represents a Canadian city that has hosted the games.

Bonus link – Madtini’s 5 Kissable Cocktails for Valentine’s Day

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Drink Link Fridays #1 – October 8

Welcome to the very first Drink Link Fridays. We’ll post the best of the cocktail-related links that crossed our eyeballs during this past week.

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