A Madtini Night Out: a Gin & TRONic and the UltraAVX Experience

Gin & TRONicLast Friday Cineplex Canada & Cloud Agents invited the Madtini crew (and most of the Toronto digital community) out for a screening of TRON at the new UltraAVX theatre at brand-spanking new Scotiabank Theatre at the corner John & Richmond in Toronto. The evening started out with TRON-themed cocktails and snacks in the lounge. We were greeted with a table of Green TRON-themed cocktails which we helped ourselves to. Before you knew it we were ushered to our seats along with free popcorn and drink.

The theatre features a wall-to-wall screen, advanced sound system, large rocker seats and our favorite feature; reserved seating. Being able to reserve a seat in advance takes a lot of the stress out of searching for a seat or arriving early to beat the crowd. It would also minimize the “Is that seat taken?” questions or lost couples searching for their partners with whispers of “Honey?” in the dark theatre after a mid-movie washroom break.

The TRON movie may have suffered a bit in the acting and story department (as did the original) – but the pumping soundtrack produced by Daft Punk and stunning 3D visuals made up for any shortcomings.

Later that night (after coming home from another party) we served ourselves a tribute drink, the Gin & TRONic. A slight twist on the popular cocktail usually served with a wedge and squeeze of lime. We gingerly cut ourselves a long twist of the lemon skin to represent the yellow trails of the light cycles.

Gin & TRONic


  • 2 oz Hendrick’s Gin
  • 3 oz Schweppes Gin & Tonic
  • A very, very long slice of lemon zest (to represent the light cycle trails)

Slice out a very long piece of lemon zest. Best idea is to use a lemon zester, I sliced in circles around the lemon and then peeled away the extra inner layer. Add ice cubes to a rocks glass, then pour the gin and tonic over the ice. Stir gently and serve.

A Madtini Night Out: Lessons in Tequila

Tequila and More ShowToday there are over 100 distilleries in Mexico producing over 600 brands of Tequila, and on Friday night over 30 of these brands were available for tasting at the Tequila and More Ultimate Tasting Experience. In addition to tequila, the show included tourism booths, Mexican handcrafts and of course the delicious foods of Mexico.

The night was a great opportunity for the Madtini Intoxicology crew to learn more about tequila’s history, its production and the different types available. Having so many great brands together in one place allowed us to experience the unique and subtle (sometimes not so subtle) differences between them. We were offered tequila glasses which resembles a small wine glass to sample the different brands. Several brands offered up variations of the ever-popular Margarita cocktail plus a chance to try a tequila cosmopolitan.

Besides knowing which end of the bottle to pour from, I know little about tequila. We learned that Tequila originated around the town of Tequila and comes from fermenting and distilling the sap of the agave plant that grows in the area’s red volcanic soils. Some people assume the agave is a some form of cactus due to its ominous appearance, but it’s actually a relative of the lily. But beware, still its sharp spines of the agave are poisonous and very painful to the skin.

By law, only the Mexican states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas can produce a drink called tequila. The types of tequila are Oro (gold) and blanco (silver), which tend to have a bite to them, due to their young age, while añejo (aged) tequilas have a smoother and more complex taste from resting (or resposado).

Most people’s experience with tequila in this area comes from the popular (and delicious) Margarita, or lining up multiple shots. We opted to sip our tequila slowly and enjoy the subtleties of its taste and aromatics. At the end of the evening our clear preference was for the Herradura Resposado, an award-winning tequila with over 16 medals won in international competitions. Herradura first introduced the world to its reposado tequila in 1974, aged for 11 months in toasted white oak barrels provides the tequila with a deep copper colour and smooth taste. It’s aroma and taste provided hints of cinnamon spice, vanilla and is ideal for slow sipping. We’ll be looking for this brand on our next shopping trip.

After this night, we’ll feel much more comfortable while considering and purchasing quality tequila for our cocktails.

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Madtini Night Out at the Toronto Drinks Show

Toronto Drinks Show 2010

Toronto Drinks Show 2010

Tonight,  Madtini spent the evening at Polson Pier sampling drinks with hundreds of other cocktail enthusiasts at the 2010 Toronto Drinks Show.

Over 40 brands of spirits and liqeuers were featured at the show, as some of Toronto’s best mixologists created mini samples for the enthusiastic crowd.

One of the longest lineups all night was at the Three Olives station where they showcased their Root Beer and Bubble Gum flavoured vodkas. Dove brought their Dusk Chocolate and featured it sprinkled on top of the Dusk Martini, a  mix of vodka and creme de cacao mix. Prairie Organic Vodka was used in a delicious Prairie Raspberry. Another popular station was Jose Cuervo Tequila where the mixologist worked up  dozens of Cuervo Golden Margaritas, with Grand Marnier and lime juice. Beefeater featured a fresh-tasting Beefeater Tom Collins with torn and muddled coriander leaves that made my night.

We’re looking forward to trying a few of these cocktails in the upcoming weeks. Cheers and happy mixing.

A drink to get a kick out of… the TFC-tini


The TFC-tini

Tonight marks the Season 4 home opener for Toronto FC. Its impossible not to notice the sea of red heading west on King Street on game day to BMO Field. In honour of Toronto’s own Football Club we present the TFC-tini. A delicious mix of vodka and creme de cacao with a teaspoon of maple syrup just because we can.


  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz Creme de Cacao
  • 1 tsp of maple syrup
  • 1/2 oz Grenadine

Add crushed ice to a chilled martini glass. Add vodka, creme de cacao and grenadine. Stir the ingredients and then add a teaspoon of real Canadian maple syrup.

Cheers, let the streamers fly and GO TFC GO!!